This recipe makes a great post-workout snack as it is really high in protein (40g) and has some good carbs in it. Moreover it is a really healthy and nutritious dessert, that will definitely satisfy any sweet tooth like me 🙂

What is funny is that this was the first cookie dough I’ve made so far. I’ve seen it on other instagram accounts before but I didn’t find a recipe I wanted to use. So I experimented with it after a workout and it turned out sooo good!


Vegan cookie dough by nutriousniki (via instagram)


  • 1 can of chickpeas
  • 3 medjoul dates
  • 2 tbsps of vegan protein powder (I used vanilla-flavoured protein power by BeGreen)
  • 1/2 cup of any plant-milk (I used unsweetened soy-milk)


All you will have to do is add all the ingredients in a high-speed blender and blend them until creamy. If your blender is having a rough time try pressing the mixture down with the tamper that comes with your blender – or if you don’t have a tamper turn off your blender and press it down with a spoon. You might have to repeat this turning down & tampering the mixture (I didn’t have my tamper on hand so I did it with a spoon but you should be really careful and definitely turn your blender off!)

Then you can top you cookie dough with all the things you enjoy. For me this meant berries, sugar-free chocolate chips and banana.

As you can see it is a really easy recipe, it definitely tastes amazing, is super filling and provides some nutrients!

Nutritional Information:

As I’ve already mentioned this recipe will fill you up with a total of 40g protein. But not only that, depending on the protein powder you use it might also cover all your essential amino acids needs (that’s the case for the BeGreen one). Furthermore it is especially rich in vitamin B6, B9, copper and iron but does contain quite a decent amount of vitamin K, calcium, magnesium, selenium and zinc too. And last but not least it contains 18g of fiber which is awesome! Click the link down below if you’re interested in further nutritional information, calories, macros, etc. from cronometer! I’ve just pasted the nutritional information cronometer gave me there 🙂

Cronometer: Cookie Dough nutritional values

I hope you’re having a great day, taking some of your time to move your body and fuel it with a healthy meal. Let me know if you try this recipe!

Best wishes,

Niki (from nutriousniki)

About Author

Niki is a 22-year-old dentistry student from Germany. She loves to inform herself on nutrition and shares healthy vegan recipes with her followers on Instagram.

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