We have probably all found ourselves make New Year’s Resolutions like “becoming more fit”, “going to the gym regularly” and “working out x times a week”. Unfortunately most of the times these Resolutions will go as quickly as they came.

That’s why I thought some tips on how to rock your fitness goals might come in handy! Let’s jump right in:

  • Find something you enjoy doing

I know everyone seems to be going to the gym or to be running. But it doesn’t make any sense to force yourself into that group if you don’t enjoy it at all! There are so many sports to try and so many ways to stay fit. No gym is required and if you hate running that’s fine too!

The most important part of establishing a workout routine is to find something you actually enjoy doing. I can’t stress it enough. If it is no fun then the chances that you’ll stick to it are almost zero.

Some sports you might enjoy: biking, dancing, swimming, watersports like surfing and kiting, team sports like football, basketball, volleyball, yoga, pilates, skiing, gymnastics, boxing and other material arts, skating or even golfing. Just try and find what works for you!

  • What is your motivation?

Why do you want to be more fit and exercise regularly? Do you want to be healthier, feel more comfortable in your body or proof something to yourself, or maybe others? Think about this question for a sec.

Personally I don’t think it makes any sense to start exercising because of others. Also you may have to be careful if you’re only starting to exercise because of a certain body look.

Work out because you love your body, not because you hate it.

Absolutely love this quote!

Some examples of that right motivation can include:

  1. Working out improves your mood and fights depression.
  2. It can help you sleep better.
  3. Exercising can also help to strengthen your memory.
  4. Engaging in physical activity can make you feel more energised and boost creativity + productivity.
  5. You want to live a healthy lifestyle, lower your risk of diseases and be the healthiest you can be.

Don’t be fooled even people who work out on a regular basis can feel unmotivated and not in the mood for exercising. This is the part where the right motivation comes in!

Short-term you may not want to go and sneak in a workout but long-term the positive effects outweight by far. Don’t they? 😜

  • Don’t even start to make excuses

I know some days it’s hard to squeeze in a workout. However I find it the hardest to get back into a routine once I’ve started skipping my workouts.

You probably know it’s really hard to build new (healthy) habits. Once you’ve exchanged the habit though you won’t ever want to go back! This is because your brain will eventually adapt to the new activity (habit) and reward you with endorphins.

Once you’ve built the habit of working out you will probably really enjoy it…

  • During this time it is especially important to get sufficient rest!

Wanting to stick to your workout routine is totally fine but if your body is sending you signals (like joint pain, sore muscles, dizziness and extreme tiredness) you should immediately stop!

Sufficient rest days are probably equally important as the workouts themselves. Also start to increase the length of your workouts slooowly.

These are my top tips regarding building a workout routine and making it stick. I’d love to hear whether you liked this blogpost – let me know. <3

Lots of love,

niki (@nutriousniki)




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Niki is a 22-year-old dentistry student from Germany. She loves to inform herself on nutrition and shares healthy vegan recipes with her followers on Instagram.

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