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Pumpkin spiced choc chip cookies (healthy, sugar-, oil- and gluten-free, vegan)

Don’t put aside this blog post just yet. I get that the title might be a little confusing. Cookies without sugar, butter, vegan and gluten-free too? Maybe you’re wondering whether healthy cookies can even taste good but I promise they do! Baking without using refined sugar is actually really easy and there are a lot …


Vegan & gluten-free oatmeal cookies (autumn inspired)

Summer went by so quickly. Who else thinks that the colder days call for some oatmeal, cookies, pumpkin – autumn foods? My spontaneous idea was to combine it all in one.  Healthy pumpkin spiced, oatmeal cookies – you in? [recipe] [recipe title=”Vegan & gluten-free oatmeal cookies” servings=”10 cookies” time=”15 minutes” difficulty=”easy” description=”Is there anything better …