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Coming clean

Over the past months, I’ve realized how far I’ve come. Unfortunately and frighteningly, I’ve understood how much of a path I’ve still got ahead of me.Some of you might remember; I’ve never kept it a secret. But I haven’t spoken much about it either.“Spill the beans now, Niki,” you might think. Writing this is tough. …


Why do vegans try to imitate meat and other animal products if we are not meant to eat them?

This is a question I have come across so often I really had the urge to answer it. Most people do not consider going vegetarian or vegan because they like the taste of meat and other animal products. Am I right? With this kept in mind it is actually pretty easy to understand why there …


Healthy chocolatey birthday cake (vegan, gluten-, sugar- and oil-free)

It was my boyfriend’s birthday two days ago and I was in need of a recipe for a rich, chocolatey and if possible relatively healthy cake. What I’ve got for you now is a recipe that tastes amazing and fully satisfied my expectations! No one thought the cake was that healthy and it was actually quite …